Maršálek & Žíla Law Firm (“M&Ž”) was founded by Mgr. Petr Maršálek and Mgr. Michal Žíla, two university classmates and good friends, in 2009. Since the establishment, the client base has been growing steadily year on year.

M&Ž have built their operations on long-term relationships with clients. The majority of M&Ž client base consists of corporate clientele, which are provided with M&Ž legal services in practically all fields of law and permanently for a flat-rate, usually monthly, fee.

M&Ž provide their clients with legal services that meet their needs and the variable challenges they face in the respective business environments in which they operate. M&Ž provide their clients with permanent legal support in all areas of law. M&Ž lawyers aim to provide efficient, expedient legal aid to clients to facilitate their fast understanding of the relevant business environment and gain a strong position there.

M&Ž lawyers regularly publish law-specialized texts and, among other, run internal training courses for the client senior and middle management, focusing on specific areas of interest.

What the clients of M&Ž Law Firm appreciate most is that our lawyers have a truly individual approach to each client, are time-flexible and the solutions they provide are of the highest legal quality.

Our fields of practice

It is a priority for M&Ž to help their clients and gain understanding of the challenges they face, as fast as possible. The same applies to subsequent processing. That is the reason why our law firm offers its clients a wide range of services, including operative legal analysis, written statements of legal opinion, preparation and review of contractual documentation, dunning notices, formulation of claims, representation before court and authorities, face-to-face meetings with clients and their contractual partners , as well as notification of changes in legal regulations or monitoring of the status of a client’s debtor in terms of potential insolvency risks, and other. An option truly valued by our clients is, without any doubt, the use of our unique system of electronic case progress tracking, so called “Intranet”, which we had made to our specifications.

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Should you be interested in our services, be so kind to contact us first via e-mail or our contact form and state briefly what legal service you are requesting.

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