Our references

M&Ž provide comprehensive legal services to more than eighty steady clients. M&Ž practice covers a wide range of entrepreneurs and business entities, with special focus on medium-sized enterprises, small enterprises, micro-enterprises and family businesses.

Considering our appreciation for each single client, whether they are a large corporation or a freelancer, we decided not to give preference by publishing here to any particular company or client over another. Nevertheless, we are proud to present that M&Ž clients include, by way of example, large and small agricultural plants, engineering companies, automotive companies, floor-laying companies, roofing companies or road transport companies. We also provide services to advertising agencies, employment agencies, etc. M&Ž also enjoys the trust of many municipalities in the Moravian Wallachia Region.

CZK 60 million

The total of claims enforced for M&Ž clients in litigation or other proceedings per year comes to more than CZK 60,000,000.

CZK 200 million

Each year, M&Ž prepare and successfully implement several dozen real estate transactions, which in total come to a value as high as CZK 200,000,000.

7200 documents

For clients, each year, M&Ž draw up more than 7,200 documents (contracts, agreements, affirmations, legal analyses, etc.) and written opinion statements on specific tasks across all law disciplines throughout the entire Czech Republic system of law.

500 documents

Employment law agenda is rather extensive and M&Ž specialists draw up or review more than 500 documents related to the employment law area each year.