Our fields of specialty

Disputes in property, arbitration and lawsuits

Every year, M&Ž take up the representation of clients in several hundreds of cases involving disputes or lawsuits for property, whether they are debt collection or the dividing of proportionate co-ownership or marital property. On behalf of their clients, M&Ž also frequently file motions to start execution proceedings and lodge claims in insolvency proceedings.

Law of property and real chattels

M&Ž internal team of our office specialized in real estate provides integrated legal consulting in respect to real chattels, including solutions of complex ownership and co-ownership relationships.

It is quite common that M&Ž represent their clients in issues of right to build, before court in ownership disputes, in respect to validity of transaction, positive prescription and similar. Furthermore, M&Ž represent their clients in transactions concerning commercial or industrial real estate, conclusion of commercial lease agreements and similar.

Corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions

Corporate law advice has been already a traditional section of our services and includes comprehensive legal services for the individual fields of corporate law. M&Ž provide advice in mergers, sale of company, including the formulation of transaction documentation, as well as full-range legal counseling for conversions, in particular spin-offs, mergers and legal form transitions, for all types of business corporations..

As part of their services provided in respect to corporations, M&Ž dispose of plentiful experience related to all types of corporate changes, corporate structures, resolution of internal disputes, presiding over “difficult” general meetings, etc. For their clients, M&Ž provide consulting for common legal agendas of law specific issues, and are experienced in setting managerial option program systems, corporate document control systems, formulation of shareholder agreements and other.

Employment law

For their clients, M&Ž prepare all types of legal transactions related to labor-law agendas, including internal regulations and legal support in the creation, change or termination of employment relationships, including representation in employment right and compensation-of-damage proceedings before court. We prepare and review documents related to the assignment of agency workers to particular jobs with users, such as general contracts or individual agreements on temporary assignment and instructions on temporary assignment.

Tax law and consumer spending taxes

In the field of tax law, M&Ž provide their clients with legal services consisting in representation before tax authorities at any level. These are primarily the occasions of tax inspection carried out by the revenue authority in respect of income and corporation tax and value added tax. M&Ž also represent their clients before custom authorities in proceedings related to consumer spending tax, tax warehousing, consumer spending tax refund inspections, transportation of special products and matters related to mandatory labeling of alcohol. Such representation includes the filing for an action before administrative courts and cassations, as well as legal assistance in related criminal law matters.